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The State Of The Union

Why is there so much evil and wickedness in America today? Some are asking how did we get here. Admittedly one is sick and tired of reading or hearing media reports about evil acts that are committed on the streets, in homes, in schools, at workplaces, and elsewhere. Therefore, one may feel justified in asking, how can this be, when is it going to stop, why is this happening or, if God does exist, why is there so much evil? It must be clearly understood that God allows things to happen in accordance with His perfect will, purpose, and plan. God is not the author of evil but of good. The Bible says, “Whatever the LORD pleases, He does in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all depths” (Psalm 135:6).

Evil is something that is profoundly wicked, immoral, harmful, or undesirable. Evil hurts and scares everyone - either directly or indirectly. It is like a cancer in our society that has metastasized over time. Also, evil is no respecter of persons; It has its grip even on children. Evil accounts for the racism, bigotry, hatred, prejudice, intolerance, hostility, and violence we experience in America today. Evil is mankind’s biggest problem; some of which it can be based on the choices we make. Remember, God created man with a free will of his own, hence he can do as he pleases.

One of the most hateful and shocking evil onslaughts on America took place on 9/11, leaving us stunned, angry, grief-stricken, and in disbelief. Perhaps many questioned God for this. Some have asked, “How could a loving, caring, merciful, and gracious God allow this wicked and evil act to occur?” From a human standpoint however, one may argue “it is only human“ to act in this way. There is absolutely no doubt that God could have prevented 9/11 from happening, simply because He is the all-wise, all-powerful all-knowing God who can do anything, and